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Additional Reasons for Not Going Full Frame August 2, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Editor Notes.
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As we know, the gap to cross into full frame photography is approximately at $1200 for body (from a Nikon D90) but much more for lens acquisition. And that’s something I currently do not see in investing in a wide angled full-frame lens. My current lenses that does FF are the 50mm F/1.8D, 60mm F/2.8D, Lensbaby Muse 50mm and the 70-300mm F/4-5.6G. I would at least need a prime 35mm if I would to survive with say, a Nikon D700. That’s an additional $400!

I would also dearly like to leverage on all my current DX/FX lenses I own today and would not wish to lose reach and flexibility by going full frame, all for the sake of killer low light performance.

Hence, TCO stands at three Gs for a new Nikon D700 with a 35mm FX-ready prime lens. TCO stands at just $1600 for the Nikon D300s body. I would simply need to forego my own 2009 laptop renewal purchase to get the $1600, which is still quite realistic.