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Pitting Nikon D90 Against the Nikon D300s! September 4, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Benchmarks, Other Nikon Camera.

Armed with the Nikkor 18-105mm on the Nikon D90 and Nikkor 18-200mm on the Nikon D300s, it’s about time we see how truly different these two cameras are. And I have picked a unique location for this trial today – A very old rustic Malay village in the heart of Singapore! Both JPEG and RAW (12-bit) will be used for the comparison shots.

Stay tune…


Nikon D300s Versus Nikon D700 Features August 2, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Benchmarks.
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Another natural question one would ask – how then is the elite Nikon DX camera compared to the Nikon D700 camera, full frame sensor aside? Almost nothing. And is it really worth $1200 worth of difference?

In fact, the Nikon D300s has the following additional items to offer against the full frame sibling

  • HD video capturing with stereo sound recording
  • 7 fps continuous shoot rate
  • 155g lighter
  • Dual memory card slot bays (like the Nikon D3)
  • 100% coverage viewfinder
  • In-camera retouch capabilities (Like the Nikon D90)
  • Quiet Shoot mode (Like the Nikon D5000)
  • Supports both DX and FX lens without loss of image resolution
  • 0.3 megapixel more on sensor

Objectively, it seems that the strong low-light performance of the Nikon D700 is worth that $1200. But not to me…