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A Keen Observation October 4, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Editor Notes.

It may be my eyes but its creeping up to me as I put both the Nikon D90 and D300s side by side. The images from both camera are just quite different! Despite that physically, they are derived from identical sensors of 12.3 megapixel. First, the tonal gradient. Yes, the JPEGs are both 8-bit, but within this 8-bit lies millions of differently rendered pixels, with a special settings on the Nikon D300s – Optimal Quality JPEG images (a feature not found on the Nikon D90)

An additional note, in quite a few cases, when focus point is identified far, the Nikon D300s tend to want to choose a smaller aperture size to release the shutter, in an attempt to give sharper overall images at the expense of ISO…something I am still not quite used to. I have to switch it to Aperture mode to take back the ISO territory to closer to 200.

Lastly, with the SB-900 in use, I am now seeing that the image ISO is no longer pushed to a standard 200. Image quality is now hovering in 800-1200, where I will need an explanation for this. Perhaps, it was the flash diffuser, and I am about to discover something new here…stay tune.



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