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The Test of 3200s… September 4, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Editor Notes.

Just when you have taken more than a dozen shots, that you then realized something’s amiss. It’s definitely nothing hardware related but more of a setting I found later. O right! My dear cousin played with it the night before over a family dinner and he has subtly set my camera to shoot exclusively with ISO 3200! Serve me right for not checking thoroughly! Hence, all my shots today in the malay village turned out somewhat different on the Nikon D300s. Here’s one of them…


Now, the above is a pretty clean 3200 I would say, even though it will be significantly better and blog worthy if they were shot in the 200s. Thankfully, the Nikon D90 save me a trip back to the kampong (means village in malay) to shoot in the 200s! Talk about the usefulness of a backup camera today!!! I am beginning to appreciate the whole idea of a second body already. As for comparison between D90 and D300s, it’s out of the window this time round. Will get it the next time I promise.



1. Computers & Tech - September 21, 2009

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