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First Impression of Nikon D300s – Part II August 30, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Nikon D300s.


If you, like me, has been using the AE-L/AF-L button on the Nikon D90 to focus, good news for you. There’s now a superbly designed (with excellent protrusion and closer reach with your thumb) AF-ON button on the Nikon D300s to do that work. All other key features for AF mode, metering, shoot mode and focus mode are all now accessible via dedicated knobs and buttons. Result? Faster configuration and shoot sequence.

Did I also mention the additional configurable front buttons next to the grip? Excellent addition indeed. They are now configured to both mange my picture control and NEF (RAW) format shoots. What I seriously missed though on the Nikon D300s is the position of the OK button. It’s now positioned on the bottom left corner of the camera back instead of it being the central button of the directional pad. Not so convenient compared to the Nikon D90.

Right, the live view button. Flushed and miniaturized with the camera back, making it harder to activate unlike the Nikon D90’s. Firmware “L” version has also been omitted for a simple reason – Nikon D300s supports AF fine tuning and manual lens data input! About time non-Nikkor lens can finally be properly purchased and used. But sorry, 3D Matrix II will still not be available with these lenses, only Matrix II.

Hmm…Nikon D300s’s weight. Some 200g heavier than Nikon D90! That magnesium case and weather seals better be worth all that additional encumbrance!



1. Haydn - September 4, 2009

You are complaining about 200g… Go to the gym you weakling.

2. Michel Lamy - November 26, 2009

where can you buy the mic show on the picture?

3. Kiko - February 1, 2010

its so nice and almost perfect camera! its really natural color

4. KETAN - May 12, 2010


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