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First Impression of Nikon D300s – Part I August 30, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Nikon D300s.


Now, most of you here should be up-grader like me while some others, fresh DSLR owners. No matter. If you are new, my sincere advice is to first take a walk to my Nikon D90 Lab blog here. It contains the most essentials 650 articles on getting to know your Nikon camera.

But, if you have been following my other blog like the other enthusiasts for the last nine months, you are in good hands to sync with me  about the more advanced stuff here.  But, if you just want to jump in the deep end of the pool, I won’t stop you either.

First pass, the buttons. The shuttle release on the Nikon D300s has a deeper travel depth, which in turn gives experienced Nikon D90 owners a little twist to get used to. The ON/OFF dial is also much stiffer to activate – maybe, its just too new. The dedicated BKT button (on Nikon D90) is also gone on the Nikon D300s, making some of us HDR experts a tiny bit uneasy. The whopper? I have to spend practically 30-45 minutes to customize the Nikon D300s to behave closer to my Nikon D90…something I did not expect.

O yes, the legendary all-inspiring shutter sound of the Nikon D90! Shooting the Nikon D300s is a whole new twist altogether. Well, its a much beefier sound now, offering significantly shorter blackout time against the Nikon D90. Remember my complain about the Nikon D300 and Nikon D700 grip? Well, its been properly addressed on the D300s too! Nice. My fingernails are not forced to bite the body no matter how hard  I tried.



1. fp - November 14, 2009

if you had to buy one camera now after using d90 and seeing the potential of d300s, which one would it be? please advise.

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