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Glass Ceiling of Digital Camera Performance August 3, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Editor Notes.

I guess you can only pack so many pixels on a given physical sensor size! And the ratio between Signal to Noise calculation has caused Nikon Engineers to ignore the pixel chase and focus on what’s more important – pixel light-gathering performance. Last week has been unusually newsy. Every manufacturers seem to get ready to capture the Summer/Fall season with their own releases, and I think the economy is still ready for them if they are any good.

Likewise, for the continuous firing speed, which has been hovering at 6 to 10 fps, they seems not to go any faster in each new camera release. Body miniaturization is also somewhat restricted by mirror-clad DSLR, with only recent development in the four thirds format camera product yielding a smaller form factor. Shutter speed has been maxed out at 1/8000 second since the bronze age. (most subjects captured tends to grind to a freeze at that speed already) Sensor ISO performance is only being improved gingerly on each new camera release. 16-bit image processing seems not to move towards 32-bit or 64-bit anytime soon. 14-bit A/D signal conversion should further be refined to 24-bit or 36-bit?

Magnesium alloy body too has been magnesium alloy for the last twenty years. Are we seeing a leveling off of the brain juice in these Engineers?

I guess the slow Monday is allowing me to let off some steam.



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