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Wow! Where Do I Begin? May 24, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Editor Notes.

Fine. Let me put on my engineering hat to approach this blog. It can be tricky but quite fun.

Well, we are dealing with something that’s still in the air. Its a sort of a preemptive deduction and analysis. Quite similar to my actual work, really (In work, I tell clients what to do to stay in business against their strongest competitors, from a technology stand point). Let’s begin.

Price wise, be mentally prepared to shelf out a souped-up Macbook Pro for the Nikon D400. Design wise, the tilt swivel screen is not welcomed (if it comes with one on the D400) as it weakens the whole body construction from the engineering point of view. Flimpsy…

On overall design, the cue from the recently launched D5000’s bloated body is also not welcomed, and should technically, not be found on the D400. Thank goodness! To help Nikon differentiate her product range, the circular viewfinder design is associated with the FX family and should continue without the D400.

The last CF compartment slot of the D300 was horribly conceptualized and poorly weather sealed, putting it in the spotlight that warrants significant engineering redesign on the D400. Friends of mine who owns the D300 has always been complaining of their loose memory door…



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