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Areas of Poor Implementation of Nikon D300 We Want Corrected on Nikon D300s May 24, 2009

Posted by Lawrence Oei in Other Nikon Camera.

As a quarterly routine, my visit to the Nikon Service Center not only allow me to collect the Nikon quarterly newsletter – FOCUS, but also to man-handle the Nikon D300 etc. Here’s a list what I found annoying or poorly implemented on a Nikon D300

  1. CF compartment slot poor weather sealing – Being a body that boast the tag of “weather seal”, the Nikon D300 sure under worked this compartment door section against the weather.
  2. Absence of BKT button for bracketing function (available on Nikon D90 where I use them for important shots) – D300 users are expected to use the FUNC button (which I have assigned to select Picture Control on my D90 today) to do this
  3. Poorly organized menu items (A far cry from that found on the Nikon D90)
  4. Lack of the “OK” button to confirm menu selection – this is, to a Nikon D90 owner, a must on the D400)
  5. Wobbly D-pad – Too much press depth on the direction pad makes one wonder if each press is actually registered
  6. Short hand grip – My finger nails are always finding their place buried on the rubber grip due to a short grip depth (Nikon D90’s depth is significantly improved) – Mind you, I have a small Asian hand!


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